Stylistic Devices: An Illustrated Primer, Part V

Post 3/3 on stylistic devices related to syntax.

A. Zeugma

I’m awarding the zeugma its own personal section w/i the “Syntax” chapter, as this device has various subtypes, all of which involve different ways of connecting two or more words or clauses with a linking word that is stated only once but implicitly applies to all subjects.  This helps avoid tedious and unnecessary repetition, allowing one to say “Jack and Jill went up the hill,” rather than “Jack went up the hill and Jill went up the hill.”

Diazeugma: A single subject is used to link multiple, sometimes disparate verbs.

Fig 3.1a Diazeugma

Prozeugma: The word linking subjects is a verb.

Fig 3.2a Prozeugma

Mesozeugma: The linking word/phrase appears in the middle of the sentence.

Fig. 3.3a Mesozeugma

Hypozeugma: The linking word/phrase appears at the end of the sentence.

Fig 3.4a Hypozeugma

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