show drag

YOU GUYS.  I am a man.

Yep.  All this time, you thought I was a lady person, but it is not true!  Women don’t create anything, such as blog entries.  I create things–among them, blog entries. Ergo, I cannot be a woman.  Women are strictly ornamental.  Oh, not to worry, they have their purpose: they inspire the men.  Mostly by looking hot for them.  And looking hot, it is hard work!  Which means that ladies have no time to do anything else.  How do I know this?  Levi’s told me!  In their new ad campaign for their “boyfriend jean”:

Of course,  lady folk do not build things, for they are but frail creatures.  But they CAN do all the cooking and cleaning.  Just think how long it’s going to take her to scrub that graffiti off the wall.

Right, b/c there are no female musicians or artists.  Not ones that matter anyway.  Women are incapable of any form of original self-expression.  They can’t even design clothes w/o male supervision.  The fact is, men created everything, and women just feebly imitate it.  It’s rather pathetic really, like a bear trying to walk on its hind legs.  When really, what that bear needs is to be down on all fours–cleaning your kitchen floor.  Preferably while wearing a brand-new pair of Levi’s jeans.


One thought on “show drag

  1. ACK! Levi’s! What were they thinking?! Truly, looking through ads in fashion mags is the best way to remind yourself just how much farther we have to go.

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