she walks in beauty

I like make-up.  Before I go on, I’d like to preface this entry by reassuring my gentle readers that I am not about to launch into one of those funfeminist diatribes about how high heels can be empowering! and I don’t hate men! (which would be a lie anyway, since I dislike people in general.  Nothing personal, you understand). 

Yes, the “I spend hours straightening my hair for me” argument definitely rings hollow.  Are you seriously going to claim that you would devote huge gobs of time to primping if you thought no one was going to look at you?  And if so, WHY DON’T YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO?  At the same time, it’s disheartening to be mocked all the time for being “Beauty 2K-compliant” and derided for buying into the patriarchy’s conception of female beauty. 

B/c like it or not, people notice beauty.  And we can’t pretend otherwise.  Well, I mean, we CAN, and we do, in a stunning show of hypocrisy.  Ranged on opposite sides of the great beauty divide, to some beautification seems to be an empowering ritual; to others it’s a willing concession to enslavement. 

But what about you, Dragon?  What do you think?  you are clamoring to know!  Well, gentlefriends, I think they are both wrong!  On the one hand I say, beauty is important.  And if one has it, one should exploit it, as one would any other asset, like intelligence or athleticism.  But here is the other thing: beauty is common!  Especially among the younger members of the species.  Even if you are generally considered attractive, gentlefriends, I can assure you that there is probably someone out there more attractive than you!  Her name may be Daniela Freitas (whom btw I consider to be one of the most stunningly beautiful people in existence)!

The thing is, it’s fine to be beautiful, but that shouldn’t be one’s defining characteristic.  Even if your only goal in life is to get a man, you should at least take up a hobby or something, b/c like I said, there are plenty of luscious sweets running around and batting their eyelashes, and you can’t outshine all of them!  I’m not going to bore you w/ trite statements like, “Everyone is beautiful in her own way,” b/c that is not the case.  It would probably be more accurate to state, “Everyone is bearable in her own way.”  Think about it: consider the people who love you, and whom you love, in spite of everything.  It’s pretty amazing!  

I guess in the end, the key is–as w/ many things–moderation.  Our looks should be given the same cultivation and attention as all our other facets, instead of either emphasized to the exclusion of everything else, or else painfully ignored.

One thought on “she walks in beauty

  1. I think Daniela Frietas is weird-looking…

    But I otherwise agree with you completely 🙂

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