beware, beware

And now, a public service announcement from your friendly author.

Ah spring, the most delicious season:  The evening air is mint-julep-icy, the flowers are blooming, the birds singing, and the little balloon man is whistling far and wee.  And, if you’re in New Orleans, the caterpillars are hatching. 

That’s right folks, caterpillar season is upon us once again, and if you’re new to New Orleans, you need to be extra sure to watch out for those noxious little buggers, also known as Buck Moth larvae.  They’re fairly large creatures, their backs lined w/ black spines that are just as ferocious as they look.  If you look up into any of the blowsy oak trees that shade nola’s streets and parks, you’ll see clusters of them, just waiting to drop down into your hair or down your shirt.  While their sting is not fatal or even life threatening, it is very painful, and the resulting rash will linger for days.  The merest brush of their spines will cause an unpleasant reaction, so the best course is to just avoid them completely.


One thought on “beware, beware

  1. so I was talking to the guy next to me on the plane, and he had no idea what i was talking about when I brought up the caterpillars. Is this something that occurs only near Tulane? He said it might be a localized infestation…

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